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Who is Wendy Etris? All About AJ Styles’ Wife

Wendy Etris, also known as Wendy Jones, is a notable American educator and media personality. She is widely recognized as the wife of professional wrestler AJ Styles (Allen Neal Jones), who is currently signed with WWE​.

She was born in 1978 in Georgia, Wendy Etris attended Johnson High School in Gainesville, Georgia, where she graduated in 1996. She pursued a career in education and has established herself as a dedicated high school teacher​.

Wendy Etris’ journey from a high school student to a devoted wife and mother exemplifies the strength and support system behind every successful individual. Her contributions, though often behind the scenes, have been pivotal in shaping the lives of those around her, especially AJ Styles.

This blog post aims to shed light on Wendy Etris’ life, exploring her early years, educational journey, career, family life, and her profound influence on AJ Styles. By delving into her story, we hope to provide a comprehensive understanding of her impact and legacy.

Profile Summary

Full NameWendy Etris
Birth Year1978
BirthplaceGainesville, Georgia
EducationDegree in Education
High SchoolJohnson High School, Gainesville, Georgia
CareerHigh School Teacher
SpouseAllen Neal Jones (AJ Styles)
Marriage DateAugust 5, 2000
ChildrenAjay Covell Jones (2005), Avery Jones (2007), Albey Jones (2009), Anney Jones (2014)
Net WorthEstimated around $2 million
HobbiesReading, gardening, spending time with family
ResidencePrimarily in Georgia

Early Life

Wendy Etris was born in 1978 in Gainesville, Georgia. Growing up in a close-knit community, Wendy’s early life was filled with the warmth and values typical of Southern upbringing. Her childhood was marked by strong family bonds and a nurturing environment.

Wendy was raised alongside her brother, Andy Nathan Etris, in a loving household. The values instilled by her family laid the foundation for her compassionate and resilient nature. These early experiences played a significant role in shaping her into the person she is today.

Wendy attended Johnson High School in Gainesville, where she first crossed paths with Allen Neal Jones, known to the world as AJ Styles. Her time at Johnson High was not only academically enriching but also marked the beginning of a significant relationship that would define her future.

Educational Journey and Career

After graduating from high school, Wendy pursued higher education, earning a degree in education. Her passion for teaching was evident from a young age, and she committed herself to making a difference in the lives of students.

Wendy’s career as a high school teacher is a testament to her dedication and love for education. She has been a guiding light for countless students, inspiring them to achieve their best. Her approach to teaching goes beyond academics, focusing on the holistic development of her students.

Wendy’s impact in the field of education extends beyond the classroom. Her innovative teaching methods and compassionate approach have left a lasting impression on her students and colleagues. She has contributed significantly to the educational community, ensuring that her students are well-prepared for the future.

Meeting and Marrying AJ Styles

Wendy and Allen’s romance began during their high school years at Johnson High. Their relationship blossomed through mutual respect and shared values. Despite the challenges that came with Allen’s burgeoning wrestling career, their bond remained strong.

Over the years, Wendy and Allen’s relationship evolved, withstanding the tests of time and distance. Wendy’s unwavering support and understanding played a crucial role in nurturing their relationship, allowing both of them to pursue their dreams while staying connected.

On August 5, 2000, Wendy and Allen exchanged vows, marking the beginning of a lifelong journey together. Their marriage has been a partnership built on love, trust, and mutual support. Wendy’s role in AJ Styles’ life has been instrumental, providing the stability and encouragement he needed to succeed.

Family Life

Wendy and Allen are proud parents to four children: Ajay Covell Jones, born in 2005; Avery Jones, born in 2007; Albey Jones, born in 2009; and Anney Jones, born in 2014. Each child brings joy and fulfillment to their lives, enriching their family dynamic.

Wendy’s parenting style emphasizes love, discipline, and encouragement. She and Allen have created a nurturing environment where their children can thrive. Their family dynamics are characterized by open communication, mutual respect, and a strong sense of unity.

Balancing family life with a demanding career in professional wrestling is no easy feat. Wendy has been the anchor, ensuring that their household runs smoothly despite Allen’s hectic schedule. Her ability to manage their home and support Allen’s career is a testament to her strength and dedication.

Role and Influence in AJ Styles’ Career

Wendy’s support has been a cornerstone of AJ Styles’ success. From his early days in wrestling to becoming a global phenomenon in WWE, Wendy has stood by his side, offering encouragement and motivation. Her belief in his talent and dedication has been unwavering.

Wendy has occasionally appeared in wrestling promotions, adding a personal touch to AJ Styles’ professional life. These appearances serve as a reminder of the strong support system behind the scenes, highlighting Wendy’s role in his journey.

AJ Styles frequently acknowledges Wendy’s contributions to his career, often referring to her as his rock and guiding light. His public accolades underscore the significant impact Wendy has had on his life and career, making her an integral part of his success story.

Personal Interests and Private Life

Outside of her roles as a teacher and mother, Wendy has a variety of personal interests. She enjoys reading, gardening, and spending quality time with her family. Her hobbies provide a much-needed balance to her busy life, allowing her to unwind and recharge.

Wendy maintains a low profile on social media, preferring to keep her personal life private. She manages a dedicated Instagram account with a select group of followers, reflecting her humble nature and preference for privacy. Despite her reserved online presence, Wendy’s warmth and kindness shine through in every interaction.

Wendy is actively involved in her community, participating in various charitable activities. Her commitment to giving back reflects her compassionate nature and desire to make a positive impact. Through her community work, Wendy continues to inspire and uplift those around her.

Wendy Etris Net Worth

Wendy Etris’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This impressive figure is a testament to her successful career as a high school teacher and her prudent financial management. Wendy’s financial independence highlights her savvy decision-making and dedication to securing a stable future for her family.

Wendy’s financial strategies are centered around prudent management and wise investments. Her contributions to the family’s wealth are significant, complementing AJ Styles’ earnings from his wrestling career. Together, they have built a secure financial foundation, ensuring stability for their family.

While Wendy’s net worth stands at $2 million, her husband AJ Styles boasts a net worth of approximately $6 million. Their combined financial resources reflect a balanced partnership, with both Wendy and AJ contributing to their family’s prosperity through their respective careers.

Public Image and Media Coverage

Wendy Etris is often portrayed in the media as a supportive and loving wife, dedicated mother, and respected educator. Her positive image is a reflection of her genuine character and the significant role she plays in AJ Styles’ life.

Although Wendy prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she occasionally makes public appearances alongside AJ Styles. These appearances offer fans a glimpse into their personal life and highlight Wendy’s supportive role. Her interviews are marked by humility and warmth, further endearing her to the public.

Wendy’s interactions with fans are always positive, characterized by her kindness and approachability. The public perception of Wendy is overwhelmingly favorable, with many admiring her dedication to her family and career. Her genuine nature and down-to-earth demeanor have earned her a loyal following.

Legacy and Impact

Wendy’s influence on AJ Styles and their family is profound and enduring. Her unwavering support and dedication have been instrumental in shaping their lives. Wendy’s legacy is one of love, resilience, and inspiration, leaving a lasting impact on those she touches.

Wendy’s contributions to the wrestling community, though often behind the scenes, are significant. Her support for AJ Styles has enabled him to achieve remarkable success, and her involvement in various aspects of his career has enriched the wrestling community as a whole.

Wendy Etris’ role in AJ Styles’ life and career cannot be overstated. Her support, love, and dedication have been pivotal in his journey. Wendy’s story is a powerful reminder of the strength and influence of the individuals behind the scenes, highlighting the importance of a supportive partner in achieving success.


Wendy Etris is a remarkable individual whose contributions to her family and community are truly inspiring. From her early life in Georgia to her successful career as a high school teacher, and her pivotal role in AJ Styles’ life, Wendy’s story is one of dedication and resilience.

Wendy’s life and legacy are characterized by love, support, and unwavering commitment. Her influence on AJ Styles and their family is profound, and her contributions to the wrestling community are significant. Wendy Etris exemplifies the power of a supportive partner and theof the significant role a supportive partner plays in achieving success.

Wendy Etris is much more than just the wife of a famous wrestler; she is a dedicated educator, a loving mother, and a supportive spouse. Her story inspires many, showcasing the strength and resilience required to balance personal aspirations with supporting a partner’s career. Wendy’s legacy is built on the values of love, dedication, and unwavering support, making her an exemplary figure in her own right.

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